About Teresita

Where to begin…..

I am both an experienced information technology specialist and marketer devoted to understanding IT best practices and their implications to global industries, especially Government and Society.

As a former Researcher in IBM’s Strategy and Operations group, I held several positions throughout IBM attaining  relevant experience  from the 6 years as a sales specialist/consultant that followed my assignments  as engineer, scientist and technical aide in Research.  It was in my combined work experiences in Research and the associated technology briefing center that I learned to couple “la lingua franca” of technology with business needs.

I made several tactical moves within IBM, always sensitive to the business climate and the ever changing culture and business imperatives  in an organization taking as many roles as possible, – from that of researcher to developer, to marketer/sales support. Being a scientist at heart – in my training and education, it seemed both rationale and comfortable to investigate risky situations,prove a concept, learn,  gain experience and shore up methodology from a set of tasks, and move on.

I split some of my time with bringing technology relevance and it’s opportunities to underrepresented groups – especially young Latinas. I’m convinced that economic opportunities abound in countries around the world, where there is the freedom to engage in education and  recognition and commitment to excel in technology implementation and skills developments. From this interest coupled with my industry focus in Public Sector, I could  always articulate a message that combined practical, real-world perspectives from business  with political, economic and cultural content.  This is my real comfort zone, and I believe a spring board to new ventures and careers.

Most recently, my professional experience has expanded to include the use of social media. My exposure to social media came with a work assignment in  the software developer relations marketing group, understanding how and why  IT practitioners, business analysts and entrepreneurs engage in social networking activity while working; and the best practices for blogging, video, virtual events, podcasting, and communication tools in traditional and next generation marketing. I started blogging myself by contributing to IBM’s Marketing and Technology Leadership blogs. It’s easy enough to discover that , publishing internally is only one facet of an e-persona, and a narrow one at that.  Social media tools are growing at a geometric rate to provide us all the ability to represent ourselves electronically, almost as well as we do in the physical world. That is e-persona, in a nutshell.  So to that end, I’m venturing out among the numerous web sites , investigating the best fit for my e-persona.  You can follow me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com as dona_teresita and view my LinkedIn public profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/teresitaabaykrueger  .

I hold a BS with honors in Chemistry and Biology, and have graduate work in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Policy, completing 24 credits.

Now for the changes…
I’ve come to the end of my IBM career – my first blog entry identifies the Reboot process to come.

Personally, I am the mother of three, including twins, living in New York. I was born and raised in NYC, in the humble section of the Bronx known as University Heights. My parents came to NY during WW II – my mother from  Puerto Rico and my father from Cuba.  I started to enjoy rock climbing and archeology of late, but find it difficult to dedicate the time  to travel to remote dig sites to further my research skills.

What is next for me?

To paraphrase a dear friend “I have a feeling [for you]the Spring will bring new opportunities, never thought imagined.”

I think he’s right. This blog is my start to that new opportunity.


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