Posted by: teresitaabaykrueger | February 24, 2014

WP Daily Prompt: Memories from my 12th Birthday

I remember an abject lesson in PATHOS.
My father “volunteered” me for a summer task as a mother’s helper to a family with a disabled 3 year old.
My father was a physical therapist and his practice focused most on the elderly but included children through the Montefiore Hospital in The Bronx. This 3 year old had cerebral palsy (CP) .

CP is considered a permanent disorder, in motor development and reflexes; Its’ victims are forever confined and restrained in the ability to free movement.
My task was to babysit the 3 year old, while the mother tended to her newborn that did not have the affliction of CP. But my father also instructed me in some rudimentary play therapy (physiotherapy) that introduced motor skills to the 3 year old and an effort to promote healthy development. Witnessing what was a strenuous activity for this 3 year old CP patient, made me think a bit more humbly.
But, it took me many more years to understand the real message in this lesson: that it takes more than logic and shrewdness to perceive the value of human endeavors.

“Here endeth the lesson.”pathos


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