Posted by: teresitaabaykrueger | February 16, 2014

An Accidental Chef : Never Lost Between The Kitchen and the Work Desk


Machiavelli may have said, “Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage. ” Source: Brainy Quotes  I have taken to working from my kitchen desk doing calls, research, internet searching, interviews, writing, along with pausing every so often, to experiment with a new recipe or plan meals.

How did this happen, that I found my kitchen environment conducive to productivity? Well, first I thought being in the kitchen an obstacle. An obstacle in the form of distractions. When I was a bench chemist, heads down work was the norm, relying on my meticulous work habits and rigid methodologies to record results, take measurements, conduct experiments and predict outcomes. In time I found this practice of thinking and acting gave me well orchestrated, predicable results. No surprises, gains in efficiency by perfecting repeatability.  No distractions equals no imagination.  No imagination curtails innovation and the necessity to  get out of the minutia of tasks.

So now as an amateur cook, I give myself permission to entertain this title; I can be distracted  to experiment, fail, innovate and create a deliverable – all in the service of learning and discovering.  Cooking allows me to dialogue with my culture, as well as offering a short reprieve from the frustrations encountered as I try to write articles.  It allows me to revisit my knowledge and enthusiasm for the science of cooking. Working in the kitchen transforms my misdirected and struggling thoughts about writing, a hunt and peck approach, into process thinking that yields better cohesive outcomes.

So it’s a little jarring to admit – I still need massive improvement in my writing; but the more I engage in culinary science, the better my thinking becomes and the better clarity in my writing.


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