Posted by: teresitaabaykrueger | February 2, 2012

To Pause and Consider.The New Healthcare Experience is poised along disruptive lines

Realizing the importance of information in healthcare transformation, there has been a surge of investment worldwide directed to Health IT.
Convergence of the physical sciences world with that of the biological sciences –
Engineering is colliding with the life sciences bringing about an enabling technology revolution – the essential enabler will be a “smart grid for medicine, “ that would combine data rich information with electron records of patients to make sense of all the data and improve care, drug discovery and deliver a personalized/targeted experience.
Medicine is becoming an information science – and the proven tools of IT that have helped weed out champions from weak competitors will be used to produce new business models of great benefit to patients not unlike those to consumers.
Once this grid exists – machines can harness information better, learn and change the healthcare experience.

Which technologies might be part of the new healthcare experience?

Social Influence – the ability to be trustworthy in the midst of constant bombardment of information-interaction with medical, social, policy-makers, scientific community of experts via blogs, facebook, web md
Pervasive Memory –the basis of intelligent interaction – the ability to remember all histories, drug interactions, conditions and “serve” these up to client systems
Remote Access – the ability to access and exchange information on-demand especially through MEM’s (micro-electro-mechanical) enabled devices
Digital Sensor – the ability to embed sensor devices everywhere, even in you!
Shifting Time – the ability to let patients, researchers, healthcare providers access content, even deliver services whenever and wherever necessary
Physical Web – the ability to assist researchers, healthcare providers, medical staff to remotely link, browse, even utilize the physical world not unlike today’s use of the Web


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