Posted by: teresitaabaykrueger | February 20, 2009

That Moment of Change : Reinventing yourself after IBM

I’ve been contemplating the month, week, day, and time when a combination of storms – highly competitive business climate, tiring and unfulfilling assignments, urgency for change versus the inertia prompted by complacency, performance issues pressures– would take effect and force changes in my job status. When these feeling happen, you expect, you hope, to take action under your own kinetics.

You have the power to reinvent yourself. The difficulty lies in the objectivity one needs about a subjective topic–yourself. You can be fairly objective about improving or upgrading material things, like your car, personal devices (I’m talking phones, mp3 players, pda’s here; so take your mind out of the gutter!), even your workout schedule. Reinventing yourself requires a somewhat similar approach: the objective assessment of the most important things of all. Your life. Your career. Your job. Buying a new leading-edge technology device or communication system, or changing investment choices, or even the serious consideration to pursuing a nontraditional career or job assignment, outside your comfort zone, appear to me, as often an unconscious substitute for the inner signals urging you to change something about your life or your job. It just seems enticing to do something in the outer world. Perhaps we have a sixth sense or doomful insight. When you’re aware of inner messages signaling change about your life or career, there’s a far greater payoff than any worldly thing or activity can return. You increase your options by being aware of the reasons you’re choosing what you do and the conditions you have to do them; but more importantly, you are able to distinguish between a moment of panic and a moment of quantum change. Reinventing yourself, from my point of view, is more than just possible; it’s a lifesaver, and therefore, a requirement.



  1. Let me be the first to wish you good luck,
    and to say I have been thinking about
    “Sounds of Change”…
    we must be thinking along the same lines.

    Let’s keep in touch…

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